About Us

Long ago in the late 1990s, there was a Mehandi trader in Bombay by the name of GEHLOT MEHANDI.

As a family legacy from Rajasthan, PUKHRAJ GEHLOT had been in the mehandi business for most of his life. A few years later when his son, SOHANRAJ GEHLOT wanted to pursue the same trade, the father gave him most of what he had in mehandi supplies.

An innovator by heart, SOHANRAJ GEHLOT was the first to introduce ‘Mehandi in Cones’ to MAHARASHTRA . He is also the brain behind designing the customized Cones, cone-stands, Mehandi filling machines, mehandi mixing machines, and various types of product formulae. This in addition to the unbeatable quality of the brand, ultimately led to a fantastic beginning of a highly successful brand.

The company has a full fledges production unit which is equipped with machinery for research and development purposes. Our products are safe and trustworthy, due to a competent research and development cell, which supports all the products manufactured at the company. It was simply the super quality of all our Products, which resulted in fantastic mass response, and, encouraged us to diversifiy our range of Products, and, we have been able to capture a respectable market, in all parts of the Country. All this was possible because, we never compromised with the Quality, and, from the very beginning, we took the Policy Decision, to bring out only the super quality hygienic Products, and, never the sub-standard ones.

The vital aspect of all our Formulations is that they treat the root cause of the problem, rather than the problem itself. This ensures the permanent treatment of the problems. Our Reaserch and Development Wing is of very high standard. It has been able to develop a number of very high quality new Products, and, is helpful in keeping the quality of the Products at the best possible levels.

Vision, Purpose, & Principles

Our purpose is it give the world the premium quality products in the best affordable rates for common man. Quality being our forte, to maintain it we grow henna so to get the best quality henna leaves, manufacture products using it with strict quality measures. Being a client centric organization, we always conduct quality test at stages of production.

Principles - We value our vision & purpose & with our hard work & pledge to keep the product quality high, we are fast becoming one of the most trustworthy and highly respected privately held manufacturing company in hair care products from India.