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All Gehlot Keshika Nikhar 45 gram pouches. Triple sifted to give you the smoothest paste once mixed up. It comes packaged in an air tight bag inside a foil lined light impenetrable pouch for the longest shelf life. Ships and sold by GEHLOT MEHANDI CENTRE only. Be aware of imposters trying to sell GEHLOT® look alike products.GEHLOT® hair dye does not go lighter. It does not contain the harsh chemicals required to actually lighten your natural hair color. GEHLOT KESHIKA NIKHAR can change the color of any pesky gray/white hairs you may have to the color purchased. How to Apply Take out the coloring powder in a plastic bowl and add 6-7 tablespoons or approx. 35 cc. water in it to make the paste. Make the paste so thick that it can be easily and gently applied on hair. Apply this paste on hair with a brush. Comb the hair after five minutes so that the paste should reach in the roots of hair. If any whiteness is observed apply more paste on that portion. Ensure that the paste is completely applied on hair. Wash the hair after 30 minutes of application with water. Later on wash with soap or shampoo, as you like.
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