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This is one of the Best henna and the most selling henna Cone made from pure henna & no chemicals. However for people trying to use it for the first time please let me tell you that for any pure henna, Please do not expect to see dark color as soon as you apply and wash it. Since this is pure henna without chemical. You have to leave henna after applying on your hand body or hair for darker color. The longer you take to wash it the darker the color will come out leave for 6 - 8 hours before washing. Indian brides leave henna overnight after applying to get real dark color. ========================================================== COLOR RESULTS We only sell natural henna cones No colors OR Chemicals are added Results vary from person to person color starts as light orange and keep getting dark for 3 days final results may be dark brown or blackish brown in most case. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Most people sell henna with chemicals to give instant black color these chemical are not good for skin or hair. The Henna that I sell is pure and donot contains any harmful chemical. It might take some time to get color but these are natural color with no chemical and last for several days . It contains 12 piece pack
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